Why Peace?

Have you ever tried to set up a ladder on an uneven surface?  Ladders are for climbing, right?   But, if even one leg is not firmly on the ground, the whole thing wobbles and you really shouldn’t climb it.  If you decide to climb it anyway, you spend a lot time and effort in trying to balance the wobble.  If the task you were trying to do way up high was pretty simple, say getting a cup off a shelf, you might be able to pull it off.  But if you were trying to do something complicated, like cutting a hole in the ceiling, there is no way you could do it.  You have to get the ground level before you can climb the ladder and cut your hole.

Developing skill with your personal peace is kind of like leveling the ground for all of the ladders you use in your life.  If you are really stirred up, really separated from your peace, you might be able to do some simple things like eat, sleep, and feed your pets.  But even doing those simple things, you would be fighting yourself, wobbling all over the place and trying not to fall off your metaphorical ladder.  And when it comes to complicated things, like having good relationships with the important people in your life, forget it.  You just can’t do those complicated things well when you are separated from your peace.

So, why peace? Because knowing your personal peace and being able to call on that peace when you need it lets you focus your attention on the things that matter to you.  When you can get in touch with your peace, you can bring your peace and stability with you into everything you do:  your work, your friendships, your hobbies, your family, your passions.


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