Peace By Music

Photo by Lechon Kirb on Unsplash

There is no doubt that music is one of the strongest influences of our thoughts, emotions, and energy. We have all experienced the surging energy of a great concert; been moved to tears by a song whose melody or words strike us, or reminds us of a time and place; and most of us have used listening to music to calm or settle after a challenging event. Listening to music is one of our most powerful, primal experiences. Armies have, historically, been motivated by the bands that march with them. No church or spiritual service is performed without music or sound as part of the experience. All of the ceremonies around our holidays and life transitions have songs that accompany them.

Music creates the same emotional, mental and energetic state as meditation and yoga. I used to play music at yoga centers, and one of the influential teachers in the area remarked “THIS is yoga. This music brings us quickly to the place yoga brings us over time!”

And  Let it come from places inside you you haven’t experienced before. Don’t worry about other people. Just make sounds that move you! And, especially, make sounds that start with your own breath or your own body. Playing a guitar or keyboard is wonderful. Where you will find peace is in singing, or blowing into something, chanting, or just breathing.

Music is a tool that is available to all of us all the time. Even if we need to be quiet, a song in one’s head does much more good than a concern. A hum is more powerful than a complaint. Singing is more helpful than criticizing. Any sort of negativity can be replaced with music! Bobby MCFerrin once said “I’m my own Walkman!” And we are! And, furthermore, we are our own instruments of peace. Make music and make sound and be peaceful. That is how we can change the world!


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